Digital Media Attention and Cognition Lab


The Digital Media Attention and Cognition Lab (DMAC Lab) is an active behavioral research lab studying the effects of digital media content on human visual attention, emotion, and understanding.

Our primary focus is the process through which humans notice, select, and form impressions of information in complex, information-rich environments, particularly those containing social content, news, and advertising.

We employ traditional methods from experimental psychology in conjunction with psychophysiological measures (including eye-tracking and facial expression analysis) and user-centered design to address the role that information content and information design play in shaping users’ attention, viewing/reading behavior, understanding, attitudes, and perceptions of the information’s veracity and source.

Our lab team consists of director Dr. Bart Wojdynski and a team of graduate student researchers, all of whom play a role in shaping the lab’s goals, projects, data collection, analysis, and dissemination of our findings.

To find our more information about the lab, please contact Dr. Wojdynski at