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Founded in 2014, the Digital Media Attention and Cognition (DMAC) Lab is focused on studying how people view, understand, and form impressions of digital media. We are housed in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

Social Media Content

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Digital News Reading

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Our Team

The DMAC Lab focuses on a collaborative, rigorous, "teaching hospital" model for conducting social science experiments.

Bart Wojdynski, Ph.D.

Director | Kennedy New Media Professor

Matt Binford

Senior Research Associate | Lab Manager | Ph.D. Student

Brittany Jefferson

Senior Research Associate | Ph.D. Candidate

Hyoyeun Jun

Senior Research Associate | Ph.D. Candidate

Youngji Seo

Research Associate | Ph.D student

Shuoya Sun

Research Associate | Ph.D. student

Charlotte Norsworthy

Research Associate | M.A. student

Charan Ramachandran

Research Associate | undergraduate student

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503A Journalism Bldg, 120 Hooper St, Athens, GA 30606

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